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RK Institute Students Cry Foul Over Accreditation


By: Ludorf Iyambo

A group of students at RK Institute of medical administration says that they are trapped after enrolling in a college that Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) does not recognise.

Students claimed that when they registered, they were told that NQA accredits the institute to offer auxiliary nursing, medical administration, pharmacy assistance and caregiving counselling psychology.

They said all the courses offered by the institute are short courses from 6 months to two years, and they are both certificates.

One of the concerned students, Ngahambelela Mutikisha, who is doing a one-year pharmacist’s assistant course, said, before she registered, she asked if the institute was accredited, and she was given a positive answer.

“I wasted a lot of money on a non-beneficial certificate. In April 2022, I paid $3,700 for registration and N$2,250 per month as school fees. That is a lot of money I have been spending all these months thinking that I am investing in my education and future, but it’s actually just a paper,” said Mutikisha.

Mutikisha said she came to find out that the institute was not accredited when they were taken in for job attachment. She added that as they went to City pharmacy, they were sent back the same day because they were not registered with the Pharmacy Council under the Health Professions Council Of Namibia.

“I contacted the Namibia pharmacy council, who verified with me that they don’t even know the school, and it is not even under review. We were sent back because we don’t have letters from the Pharmacy Council. As a pharmacist student, one cannot do an internship without that letter.

It was shocking news and painful to take in. I have been going hungry for months and facing a lot of sacrifices to pay for my school,” she said.

She further said when they complained at school about the accreditation, the staff admitted that the school was not accredited, but it is under review.

Students asked to be refunded their money as they want to enrol with an accredited institute. The school has, however, allegedly refused to pay back because the money was apparently paid to the lecturers.

“They said they cannot pay us back as they are busy opening other branches in the coastal towns and in the northern town. We are currently forced to complete a certificate that is worth nothing,” said another student who chose to remain anonymous.

NQA does not show RK Institute of Medical Administration on its list of accredited institutions.

According to the students, the institute is run by Zimbabwean nationals in Trans Namib Wearhouse in Hosea Kutako drive, Windhoek. Students claimed that they do not know the owner by face but have spoken to him via the phone.

When The Villager reached out to the alleged owner, he claimed not to be the owner and provided a different number, who could only be identified as ‘Charmaine’, however their number was never picked up.

Ludorf Iyambo

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