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By: Envaalde T. Matheus

Retired police commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa says that the anti-poaching team has arrested two of the five suspected poachers. They entered the Etosha National Park yesterday intending to poach rhinos after they (the anti-poaching unit) received a tip-off from the public. 

According to him, the arrest was made between Omuthiya and Omutwegonime in Oshana Region this morning between 04h00 and 05h00. 

It is reported that; the other three are still on the chase within the same area.

“We are appealing to the general public to help trace the remaining three. We have been chasing them since yesterday, so they must be tired by now,” said Kashiyakuma. 

He said their clothes must be torn by now. 

“They are trying to hike or conduct with the getaway cars they normally have,” he said. 

This was not long ago after the environment ministry reported that 11 black rhino carcasses were discovered in the park at the beginning of June 2022.

This was announced by the environment and tourism ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda. Muyunda had said the horns had been removed.

The issue of rhino poaching is alarming, and the country has thus far lost 22 rhinos poached in 2022.

A media statement issued by the ministry said the carcasses were discovered during ongoing operations in Etosha.

According to investigations, the carcasses found are suspected to range between three weeks and older. 

Furthermore, the gruesome acts indicated that the fight against poaching was not over. 

No arrests have been made with the recent case of 11 carcasses, and investigations continue. 

Namibia has the second-largest white rhino population in the world after South Africa and also accounts for a third of the world’s remaining black rhinos.

“We are trying to answer where we went wrong with the whole team and the security around the park. We are trying hard to have the question answered and solve the problem at hand,” answered Kashiakumwa on how the suspects entered the country’s largest national park. 

He thus urged the public who may have information related to the poaching to contact the police or ministry.


Julia Heita

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