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PDM Is the Only Party to Deliver Socio-economic Change – Venaani

By: Uakutra Kambaekua – Opuwo

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani has accused the ruling party leaders of trivial attitude in bringing about socio-economic change in the country.

He claimed they are leaders that facilitate projects to loot the country and that PDM, under his leadership, is the only party that will deliver socio-economic change in the lifetime of Namibian people.

Venaani made these remarks over the weekend at Sesfontein, where the official opposition party welcomed more than 120 news members. He told the masses to have no doubt in his ability, political dexterity, and maturity to change the country by bringing in the socio-economic intervention that would be “a game-changer to change the lives of Namibians”.

Venaani said he is the only leader who can transform the country, adding that the country should do away with the old leaders.

“The Namibian race to 2024 is for stallions, who will determine the change of Namibia. We are tired of old Swapo leaders, 70, and 80-year-old. They are just corrupt, bankrupting the country and not developing it. They are not providing jobs to our children,” said Venaani.

The PDM leader also said that tangible livelihood development projects that benefit society directly are vacant, judging by the substantial number of conservancies in the Kunene region.

“We have conservancies in this area, but I have not seen livelihood development projects directly benefit society. Lions are now destroying people’s livelihoods, but the conservancy in this area will not, for once, attest that they have brought a project worth N$ 3 million or that they have constructed a garden hiring at least 50 people. We can’t have conservancies, conserving lions and other wild animals, but what is being conserved doesn’t help the community,” charged Venaani.

Furthermore, Venaani questioned the poor road network in the Kunene region in the areas of Sesfontein, Kamanjab and Puros, noting that these roads alone bring in annually close to N$ 25 million of tourist income.

“Government and Roads Authority are propelling an idea that they can only build infrastructure if there is economic viability. The road between Kamanjab and Sefontein up to Puros brings annually close to N$ 25 million of tourist income, but 32 years after independence, there is no tarred road,” added Venaani.

PDM holds three constituencies in the Kunene region, including the local authority of Opuwo.

Julia Heita

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