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By: Kelvin Chiringa

Senior top guns who are in the midst of a succession wrangle within the have been illusive this week even as tempers continue to flare up over a controversial decision to install former police officer, Fredrick Nalisa.

The succession fight has pitted three royal houses against each other, the Kasika, Ngoma and Mahundu royal houses.

Each royal house had nominated a candidate, with Kasika nominating James Maiba, Ngoma nominating Gilbert Muhongo and the Mahundu nominating Nalisa.

However, the Mahundu royal house is said to have jockeyed to have Nalisa as the preferred successor to the throne, much to the chagrin of others, degenerating the entire affair into discord.

Nalisa has been rejected by some from within as he is said to be a convicted criminal who does not meet the requisite requirements to take over the Masubia throne.

He is also said to be not a bearer of a royal name, according to sources that reached out to this publication.

The Mahundu royal house is said to be steaming on ahead with the intention to make him chief with political influence coming from higher up in government.

Insider sources have disclosed that Nalisa was convicted of theft of cattle and sentenced to 36 months in prison, and that he was outperformed during a vetting process at which the three houses were present.

“The Ngambela Albius Kamwi and the Mahundu Royal Family want to install or put Fredrick Nalisa Nalisa as a chief of the Masubia Traditional Authority without following customary law process and the traditional Authority Act No. 25 of 2000.

“The unlawful decision of installing Nalisa as chief was made on Tuesday, 7 June 2022 by the Mahundu Royal House at the Masubia traditional Authority at Bukalo and Ngambela decided to play a hide and seek game by not showing up to the traditional Authority when he knew about such decision.”

“Fredrick Nalisa is a candidate from Mahundu Royal House who failed the vetting process at the royal family meeting when three royal family met at Bukalo Village Council on 1 January 2022,” the source who declined to be named for fear of retribution said.

However, Ngambela Kamwi cut his phone and became unreachable when called for a comment.

A woman identified only as Christina, secretary of the Masubia Traditional Authority, has also been accused of working together with the Ngambela in facilitating meetings for the alleged unlawful installation of Nalisa as chief of the tribe.

She declined to comment on the matter when The Villager caught up with her this week, saying it was above her delegated power.

Another power broker, Sylvester Kamwi Mutwa, is said to have called the Ngambela on Friday 10 June 2022 informing him to invite the police to attend  the allegedly unlawful installation of Nalisa as chief.

“The majority of senior indunas in that meeting refused to entertain such instructions but Ngambela refused to listen to them and informed them that he will indeed invite the police.  Senior Induna Mukamba is a Senior Induna at the Masubia Traditional Authority who can confirm about the call that Sylvester Kamwi made to the Ngambela on the 10 June 2022 regarding the invitation of the police for 17 June 2022 when Fredrick Nalisa will be unlawfully installed as a chief,”  said another source who preferred to remain anonymous.

Mutwa and Kamwi also opted to zip their mouth in the face of the allegations when contacted for a comment.



Julia Heita

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