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Keetmans Council Staff Want Top Official Dismissed

By: Ndinelao Shingenge

Employees at the Keetmanshoop municipal council are petitioning and demanding the removal of the municipality’s strategic executive for human resources.

According to the petition signed by nearly 30 employees, human resources executive Elvis Mukaya was smuggled into the municipality through the back door by known co-operatives.

The staff said the issue was reported to the former council members, but no action was taken.

They further stressed that Mukaya’s application was submitted late and should have been automatically disqualified.

The staff members also pointed out that Mukaya did not meet the job advertisement requirements.

“His name does not appear in the long list of applicants, and his employment was done under false pretences and by falsification,” the workers said.

Mukaya says the allegations were based on personal issues because his colleagues were unhappy with his presence and wished to be in his position or for someone else to be in his position.

“The application was received. I received confirmation that my application was received before the closing date. My application from the CEO’s office reached the HR office on a different date that I don’t know. I was not there,” Mukaya told The Villager.

He further said when his application was received, it didn’t make it onto the HR’s list because it came directly from the CEO’s office.

He claims to have never, at that time, met the CEO nor the CEO’s secretary and had had no involvement in his recruitment process.

“I only got to meet the CEO on the interview day after receiving a written invitation, not a phone call,” he said.

The employees recommended that the Keetmanshoop council must act on Mukaya’s employment.

They also demanded that the person(s) responsible for ‘allegedly’ smuggling Mukaya’s application into the CEO’s office should be reported and dealt with by the relevant authorities.

The staff members also feel that Mukaya’s employment should not continue because his employment was falsified and his application was late.

“He did not meet the application requirements for the job.”

Meanwhile, Mukaya also argued that he qualifies for the position.

However, Mukaya said that his application came to a success confusingly because it came directly from the CEO’s office, but according to him, it was processed in the right procedure.

In March this year, Hansina Isaaks, a chief human resources officer at the Keetmanshoop municipality, claimed that her supervisor (Mukaya) assaulted her in January last year.


Julia Heita

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