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Earthquake Hits Khorixas

By: Uakutura Kambaekua

The mines ministry has confirmed an earthquake occurred approximately 24 kilometres northeast of Khorixas in the Kunene region on Tuesday evening, 12 April 2022, around 22h36.

In a media statement on Wednesday, the deputy executive director at the ministry, Gloria Simubali, said that the earthquake was recorded on all 10 stations of the Namibian seismology network, namely, Windhoek, Tsumeb, Kamanjab Opuwo, Katima Mulilo, Gobabis, Karibib, Aus, Ariamsvlei and Rundu.

Simubali said that the earthquake registered a magnitude (ML) of 5.2 as recorded by the Namibian Seismological Network at latitude (Y) -20.261` South, Longitude (X): 14.750` East.

The earthquake, she said, was shallow at a depth of less than 15 kilometres, adding there were four aftershocks with local magnitudes of between 2.2 to 3.7, and it is expected more aftershocks will be felt.

The ED further noted that the ministry would dispatch a team of geoscientists to the field to conduct an intensive earthquake survey. Additionally, Simubali stated that a dense seismic network was deployed in November 2021 to continuously monitor even more minor earthquakes around Kamanjab, Khorixas, Anger and Erwee that are usually not detected by the Namibian Seismological Network.

Simubali further advised that people must stay and face away from windows and watch out for falling objects in case of an earthquake. “If you find yourself indoors, try going outside safely when possible. Otherwise, find refuge under a table. If you are outdoors, find a clear spot well clear of buildings, trees, and power lines,” concluded Simubali.

Julia Heita

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