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23rd Windhoek Junior Council Ingaurated

By: Sheila Perestrelo

Windhoek Mayor Sade Gawanas, during the inauguration of the 23rd Junior Council on Thursday, encouraged inclusivity.

Her comments come as two special schools for learners with visual and hearing impairment are part of the newly elected junior council.

Gawanas says examples of inclusivity such as this warm her heart and encourage the continuation of allowing all voices to be heard.

“We live in a complex world and everything we do affects our immediate communities. As young people, we should embrace opportunities that such platforms offer,” she said.

She encouraged the newly elected junior council to make the most of this opportunity and see it as an act of service, civic duty, and commitment to represent the country as ambassadors.

“I look up to you as my inspiration, and together, I believe we will break new ground to improve the lives of all Namibians,” said Gawanas.

In this light, Gawanas further stressed the importance of the council working together on all projects they may choose to pursue.

Gawanas concluded by wishing luck to the new council.

“Don’t let challenges kill your spirit.”

Giving his final speech, outgoing junior mayor Lesley Shetukana spoke on the issues they had to consider during their term as the junior council.

Shetukana stated that the impact of Covid-19 limited the council.

Shetukana urged the new junior council members to take advantage of all the resources they have access to and fully grasp the opportunities presented to them.

According to him, as much as council members are bettering society as the youth, they should also use the opportunity to better themselves.

“This was a very humbling experience, and I have come to appreciate the junior council program as a vehicle of advocacy, public education and leadership development,” he expressed.

He also pleaded with the incoming junior council to continue their core project they could not execute due to unforeseen challenges brought forth by the pandemic.

Newly elected junior mayor Moses Filipus says during their term in office, the council will focus on building on the foundation set by their predecessors and continue reaching out to the community with different projects.

Filipus states that when helping anyone, people should see them as helping someone they know. He expresses his admiration for the outgoing mayor.

“Lesley is a big inspiration of mine. I was so small when I met him, and I don’t know if I’ve met anyone so articulate. He gave me so much knowledge.”

Julia Heita

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