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Xie says he knew Wakudumo for less than two months

From Charlie Min Xie’s Facebook
Chinese born Namibian businessman, Charlie Min Xie, has disclosed that he has only known Kavango East regional governor Bonifatius Wakudumo for less than two months before he was appointed to be his exclusive advisor on economic issues.
“I only know him; I don’t think it is more than two months. Yea, just not more than two months. We hear from his office; say they want to develop and I think this is a good idea (sic). Then (I said we) can do that within a committee of 20 members. I just gave him some background and (my) profile and they make the decision, appointing me and be the advisor (sic). That’s all,” he told Eagle FM in an exclusive interview.
He said there hadn’t been any relationship between both of them.
Xie, has since lost his appointment due to outrage and pressure from Namibians has been around for 25 years.
He was going to charge N$1 million yearly for his services had he remained on that post, reports have surfaced this week.
He has told Eagle FM that he had no intentions to work for any other region besides Kavango East adding that his main concern was the provision of clean water and electricity.
Asked about his thoughts on the exportation of timber from the region to his home-country, Xie did not want to face the question directly.
“We just want to focus on development. Just development. We are just trying to get to see what we can do,” he said.
He also did not directly respond to what his thoughts were on the state-backed Chinese companies that scooped huge tenders but instead said he himself does not like government tenders.
“The issues of Chinese companies getting tenders, I am not focused on it (sic),” he said.
Xie has also not denied his connections with controversial property tycoon Stina Wu.
He confirmed that he manages her properties.
“No, this is a normal business because of all the things we talk to management. We just issue invoices to tenants. (We are like an) agent. Stina Wu is (into) property (and) we are just a part of that. She doesn’t want to give all the plots to (her) management, to one company. So, she also gives to other agents. We are not the only ones managing these properties,” he said.
Xie could not directly address the question of whether his proximity to such a controversial figure may have created distrust among Namibians.
On his connections with the founding President, Sam Nujoma, Xie said, “I just respect Tatekulu, you know”.
He met him in 1997 when he was chairperson of the Chinese Chamber and “Sometimes when it is his birthday, I send my regards”.
He has denied using his powerful links for the benefit of his companies or fixing businesses for Chinese nationals in Namibia.

Wonder Guchu

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