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By: Kelvin Chiringa
Redforce Debt Management has donated blankets and groceries for the vulnerable residents of Tobias Hainyeko and Samora Machel constituencies as part of its winter drive, which was graced by the presence of the Khomas regional governor McLeoid Katjirua and councilors Christopher Likuwa and Nestor Kalola.
The food hampers comprised 10kg mealie meal, 2 liters of cooking oil , soup and corned meet, tomato sauce, 10kg of rice, sugar, and 5kg of Bakpro flour.
The hampers were distributed as part of the Redforce Debt Management winter drive which has benefited 120 families from Tobias Hainyeko and Samora Machel constituencies to the tune of $N150 000.
“Let me seriously on behalf of the Khomas residents,the regional council and city of Windhoek,thank you and thank you very much for your winter drive. Words may not be enough to say thank you. On behalf of these people when you look at their faces you really can tell that they are in need. Those receiving the blankets are the right people that should receive them. We may not have enough to offer,the giver doesn’t always have too much to offer but what is importantly is that the giver cares. We the receivers must receive and put these to good use,” said Khomas regional governor Katjirua.
Redforce Chief Executive Officer Julius Nyamazana has challenged other private sector corporates to meet government half way, adding, “It is incredibly important to us that we operate in a way that demonstrates social responsibility.”
“In this time of economic downturn, it remains imperative that we supplement government efforts of poverty alleviation by playing our role as the private sector. We are proud to be one of the entities that are serious about partnering with government in its endeavor to uplift the underprivileged members of our broader society,” he said.
Samora Machel councilor Nestor Kalola said, “Your donation here, Redforce, to this constituency is paramount to the development of this constituency. Hence this donation is evidence of the strengthening of the bond between Redforce and the people of Samora Machel to improve the quality of life of the people.”
Both Nyamazana and Katjirua also took the initiative to drive home the point of protection against the ravaging Covid-19 virus which has seen cases spiking above a thousand in the Khomas region, driven by the cold and levels of complacency in adhering to regulations.
Speaking at Tobias Hainyeko, the governor said, “Namibians the issue of Covid is very serious. We must agree that we know what Covid is all about. The people of Tobias Hainyeko are not receiving vaccinations.”

Kelvin Chiringa

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