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Windhoek working at ‘snail pace’ – Nauyoma


Activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma criticised the City for it’s “snail pace” with land delivery, sanitation facility and electricity provision which are the core services of the municipality.

This comes after Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu on Tuesday presented the progress report for the mayoral action plan for the last six month from January to February 2020.

“Some of the issues such as communal toilets, you would begin to see that there is a snail pace progress as it related to the people who live in the informal settlements,”

Nauyoma who was referring to the 30 communal toilets which were serviced by the municipality for 1500 residents in 300 households said the municipality is not doing the informal settlement residents justice in service delivery.

“When you are referring to almost 100 000 people who live in the informal settlements (in Windhoek) and you are producing 30 toilets every 6 months in addition to the existing ones and remember the cries of these people in relation to sanitation as well as Hepatitis E, ”

Nauyoma said the overall performance of the City of Windhoek does not speak to the real time needs of the residents in the informal settlements.

“The people who live in the informal settlements have enjoyed the least of the (municipality’s) services in Windhoek,” he said.

The activist said some of the highlights which Kahungu pointed out started back as far as two years but the municipality has not even achieved half their goals.

On land delivery, Kahungu said 235 ervens have been sold in rocky crest extension 4 during February and March 2020 while the municipality commenced with infrastructure construction for 272 erven in Auasblick Ext 1.

The Rocky Crest Extension 4 development started in 2018 where the City envisaged to construct 300 houses on 37 hectares of land.

The mayor said the municipality continues to be faced with challenges and service delivery which has been hampered by the outbreak of COVID – 19.

“As the length of the economic disruption and recovery is uncertain at this time, it will be important to outline scenarios to understand the potential impact on the City’s financial health in the 2020/21 budget,” Kahungu said.

Julia Heita

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