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Tses teenagers traumatised after witnessing girl (5) die in the bushes

Laurentius Tobias

The two Tses children who saw a five-year-old girl die in the bushes between 31 Dec. 2019 and 4 Jan. 2020 are showing signs of withdrawal.
Germina Tobias, 15, and Immanuel Tobias, 13, saw Lentina Kooper dying when they had gone to look for water but did not find any.
The children were in the company of Teresia Kooper, 50, and a 10-year-old boy Laurentius Tobias who was also found dead about 20km away from the others on 2 Jan. 2020. When Lentina died, her mother Teresia had failed to walk and was found dehydrated a distance away on 3 Jan.
They wanted to walk to farm Gryholde that is about 40km from Tses but were lost in the bushes for three days. Their family reported them missing on 2 Jan. 2020. A search party found Teresia about 30km from Tses was found first. She was dehydrated and exhausted.
Lentina, Germina, and Immanuel were later found a distance away. By that time, Lentina had already died, while the other two were weak and had to be rushed to the hospital. Laurentius was found dead about 20km from where the other was found on 4 Jan.
The children’s uncle, Dominicus Tobias, told Eagle FM on Wednesday that the children are traumatised and were showing signs of withdrawal. The uncle said Immanuel was withdrawn while Germina has moments when she can also be withdrawn.
Dominicus said the children were being counselled. Detective chief inspector Gesaias Hegoam told Eagle FM on Wednesday that the gender ministry was counselling the children. Dominicus said Lentina and Laurentius will be buried at Tses on Saturday. The family need food

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