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There’s no timber harvesting in Namibia – ministry

The agriculture ministry said there is no timber being harvested in Namibia as what the media is reporting.

In a statement dated 13 January 2020, the ministry said the timber that is being transported across Namibia is from Zambia and the DRC.

This timber, the statement said, has been authorised to be moved from these countries to Walvis Bay harbour.

“The in-transit timber is closely monitored when it enters Namibia until Walvis Bay,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, a team of 17 staff members has been deployed to the regions and at a checkpoint – Mururani, Bravo and Mpungu Vlei – through which timber is transported from the northeastern regions.

“Since then the team has been working around the clock to ensure that all procedures are followed as per guidelines,” the ministry said.

Although the team was on holiday, from the 20 December 2019 and started work on 13 January 2020, there was no timber moved during this period.

Among other conditions, the ministry said that:

  • there is no new/ fresh timber will be harvested;
  • local timber processors should be given first preferences (to buy) before the

outsiders are given a chance to buy the timber;

  • there is no timber should be transported night-time in the regions;
  • All timber should be loaded in truck containers in the presence of the MAWF


Wonder Guchu

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