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Swartbooi speaks of plan to arrest him

Landless People’s Movement’s firebrand leader, Bernardus Swartbooi told Eagle FM that there was a plan to have him arrested after making controversial statements in the August House.

Swartbooi has also spoken of what he called attempts on his life and that of his founding party leader, Henny Seibeb.

Both lawmakers rattled liberation war veterans a few days past who came out to issue a warning against them saying “war veterans had been shaken”
by statements against Sam Nujoma.

“We intercepted phone calls from strategic people that were insisting that I be arrested and they attempted to put up a team to affect arrest but in those phone calls they were trying to debate themselves as in what charge it would be of arresting me.

Apparently, it was about insulting Nujoma and so on and some of them were not convinced it is strong enough, some of them were concerned about a possible outbreak of violence and so on,” he said.

The lawmaker also said there have been attempts on his life via poisoning.

“We kept on following the phone lines and I got ready but of course we located in these phone calls that they were saying they should apply means that are not obvious. Obviously, a gunshot would be obvious.

There was a time last year that they wanted to poison my water meter and we were told that that is what they tried to do. In that meeting, people were also saying but you will also kill the children and a wife while you are targeting one person. We will soon be asking the municipality to change our water system which is outside the house to get it inside the house,” he said.

He added that he is still pondering on enlisting a security detail.

“I am very careful. We have written to Ndeitunga to say he but you guys are not condemning the war vets but what we are saying is that we are going to take our security very importantly,” he said.

Eagle FM contacted Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga who said, “someone sent me some WhatsApp message probably sort of threatening but what we would love is just to tell Namibians that parliament is an honourable house.”

Julia Heita

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