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Students’ union wants ACC to probe NSFAF

The newly formed Students Union of Namibia has written to the ACC asking whether the commission can probe the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund for mismanaging money meant for tuition and non-tuition fees.
In the letter dated 9 Jan. is addressed to the ACC director general Paulus Noa, the union asks him to receive or initiate and investigate allegations of corrupt practices against the NSFAF.
The union also asks Noa to consider whether an investigation is needed in relation to an allegation and, if so, whether the investigation must be carried out by the ACC or whether the matter should be referred to any other appropriate authority for investigation or action.
They cite the Anti-Corruption Act 8 of 2003, chapter 3 (Investigation of Corrupt Practices), Notification to Commission of corrupt practice, article 17 that says any person may furnish to the Commission information in connection with any matter or a suspicious person.
“Each year, the Ministry of Finance allocates a budget to the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund for tuition fees and non-tuition fees for students, operations and capital projects if any respectively, and after approval by the line ministry and the Ministry of Finance.
The union alleges that during the 2017 financial year, NSFAF Management and Board without approval by the line Ministry and the Ministry of Finance used funds meant for students’ tuition and non-tuition fees to fund the construction of NSFAF’s luxury Head Quarters.
The headquarters in Eris, the union claims, has a private gym, a private shebeen, golf court, swimming pool and a staff kindergarten and as a result, thousands of students have not received their full non-tuitions fees for 2017 till to date.
In addition, the union said the NSFAF Management and Board negligent behaviour has not only caused NSFAF to breach its contractual obligations toward the students but also place NSFAF at risk of being sued by the affected students and huge reputational and brand damage.
“It is against the above mentioned that the Students’ Union of Namibia hereby requests the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate or refer the above matter to any other appropriate authority for investigation,” the letter said.
The union’s leader Simon Kanepolo Amunime confirmed that they have written the letter and delivered to the ministries concerned.
Noa said he was yet to see the letter because he is still on vacation but said in such cases, he would advise that the union should approach the NSFAF board before they can come to the ACC.
Finance minister Calle Schlettwein, who is copied in the letter, did not pick up calls.

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