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SPYL condemns ‘unbecoming behaviour’ in parliament

SWAPO Party Youth League said they are dismayed by the way the National Assembly is degenerating into a chaotic and discourteous August house.

In a statement Thursday, the league’s secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation ¬†Gerson Lineekela Dumeni said the electorate expects the August house to be honoured by all members of parliament regardless of the respective political associations.

Dumeni also said parliament is the principal legislative authority in and over Namibia, with the power to pass and repeal laws for peace, order and good governance of the country in the best interest of the people of Namibia.

The statement is in light of the recent heated arguments as well as the scuffle on Wednesday between the NEFF MP and Natangwe Ithete.

On Tuesday, LPM’s leader Bernardus Swartbooi and the second in command Henny Seibeb walked out of the National Assembly after calling former president Sam Nujoma a ‘thug’ and ‘liar’.

The Speaker Peter Katjavivi verbally warned the two parliamentarians over their unbecoming conduct. Katjavivi said their behaviour was disrupting the work of the House to the detriment of the electorate they represent.

The SPYL said it is in light of the above, that the blasphemous act by members of LPM towards the Founding President Dr Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma is uncalled for, as he led the struggle which brought the independence of Namibia and the freedom which the likes of LPM are enjoying today.

“The Founding President, Dr Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma’s political legacy should be upheld by all peace-loving Namibians, we cannot allow it to be distorted by LPM members of parliament to score cheap political points, as it serves as a rich source of Inspiration, National pride, and Unity of all nations. This extraordinary deeds and sacrifices are incomparable to the egocentric conduct of LPM,” Dumeni said in the statement.

The league said they were condemning the conduct of LPM members and that under no circumstances shall they trade the dignity and respect for elders over political pressure and instant fame.

“Such mischievous acts must be condemned with all the contempt it deserves by all peace-loving Namibians,” he further said.

Dumeni added that it was barbaric for LPM members to invite SWAPO Party members out of the August house for physical fights.

This, Dumeni said in the statement further said, was not the first time they were observing these two leaders conducting themselves in an unparliamentary and unruly manner.

“Thus, we commend the Speaker of the National Assembly Prof. Peter Katjavivi for issuing verbal warnings to the two unruly LPM members of Parliament. Further, the SPYL condemns any unruly behaviour conducted by members of Parliament from opposition parties,” he said.

According to Dumeni, SPYL called on Katjavivi to act without fear or favour in disciplining unbecoming behaviours of members of parliament.

“We shall not allow the anarchists to degenerate the National Assembly into discourteous yet, violent August house. The National Assembly should be a place where laws are made to improve the livelihoods of the Citizens of the Republic of Namibia.

“The Standing Rules of the Parliament of the Republic of Namibia should be respected and honoured by all members of Parliament. Healthy and constructive debates should be the order of the day. Respect and dignity amongst one another should be practised by all members of parliament.”

Wonder Guchu

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