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Shixwameni urges police to effect arrest in City 5G saga


All People’s Party (APP) leader, Ignatius Shixwameni, has urged the Namibian Police to arrest those implicated in the City of Windhoek 5G bribery saga in which RDP members and municipal CEO Rekliff Kandjiriomuini are involved.

This as RDP leader Mike Kavekotora has said that he is still waiting for more evidence before he can take measures against those implicated.

RDP Secretary-General, Brunhilde Cornelius, this week made headlines after she blew the whistle in an Al Jazeera article that the acting CEO and Nicanor Ndjoze, from her party, offered her N$5 million to drop objections to the 5G project which would involve the Chinese.

Kandjiriomuini has told Eagle FM that allegations against him are false adding that the 5G project is yet to be greenlighted.
He said as far as he was concerned, his conscience is clear.

But Shixwameni is calling for all fingered in corruption to be prosecuted right up to the highest office of the land.

“For me, it’s (video footage) clearly evidence. If you see guys sitting in C1 there and they want to talk to you about business, run away from them mas far and fast as possible,” he said referring to the footage in which Kandjiriomuini meets Cornelius.

“These guys have all these dealings and it is really shameful and I must commend and applaud the RDP councillor that exposed that. It actually shows you how deep the rot is. People are greedy. People are selfish. They are looking for short-cuts to self-enrichment.

They have no souls anymore they have forgotten about the nation. They are only thinking about themselves and their immediate family. That is bribery and it is a fraud. Actually, I do not know what the police are waiting for. Why can’t they move against and arrest this person?

They should question them. That is the least they can do. Guys this is the evidence that is circulating. There is this video, approach the person and say is this true or not? Surely Brunhilde could not have video-taped that thing for anything. It must be a person who is principled and proud. That the person refused N$1 million. Who in Swapo can refuse N$100 000? They will take it and keep quiet,” he said.

Julia Heita

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