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Shangula, Erongo governor yet to call family of Covid-19 deceased

The family of the first person to succumb to Covid-19 has come out to question the state’s preparedness after citing that there is no clarity as to when and where burial will take place.
But what has irked the family the most is that a lot of people have been passing comments purportedly on behalf of the family when they were not mandated to do so.
“I want to clear the air. What we ask as the family is, we respect the government’s decision. Whoever is saying things in Walvis Bay, I am saying we are in the north in Otamanzi but in Walvis Bay, there are only three people who have a say. The first person is Tatekulu Frans and Meme Suama, the sister of the deceased and my last born. So, the rest of the people making allegations against the government, we do not know them. Let us do things the right way,” said Simon Haufiku, a family spokesperson.
Haufiku, however, said neither the health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula nor the Erongo regional governor, Andre Neville have contacted them.
Haufiku said only Knowledge Ipinge, the disaster risk management committee’s chairperson has been in touch with the family.
“Do they care? Where are our leaders? Unless if you don’t want to read books, Covid is affecting the vulnerable. Soon or later you will see demonstrations in Walvis Bay. You will see things, unexpected. But we do have our leaders. But they are doing things desperately.
Knowledge Ipinge talked to us. The governor did not. We don’t care a lot about being contacted but the way forward. We want our beloved one to be buried. This is the first (death of Covid-19) in Namibia. What is the way forward? We have to take a good example from Taiwan.
Taiwan is doing very well. Let’s get away from this death, the case for South Africa. Trucks are no more moving. Walvis Bay has a port. We must have a means of transportation. If we have a problem in SA and a rising death rate in Walvis Bay, Dr Haufiku has been warning us that cases will pick from August but they ignored him. He said it,” he said.
He asked how a medication will be transported to the hotspots with the truck shut down in SA and fears that more will likely die in Walvis Bay.
“We have to be vigilant and think out of the box. We were supposed to bury out beloved one yesterday (Saturday) but we have not been told when the burial will be,” he said.

Julia Heita

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