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President has right to express disappointment

State House says President Hage Geingob has the right to express disappointment with a line of questioning that undermines the gravity of COVID-19 in favour of sensational journalism.

Responding to the issue of the Nampa journalist Edward Mumbuu, the State House said the rights of the President, the Presidency and Government leaders to differ with journalists and the press on matters of national importance is what is at stake here.

State House denied that the Presidency put pressure on Nampa to summon or question the journalist for his views because the Presidency does not intervene in the internal affairs of Nampa.

It is blatantly clear, the statement further said, that there is a section of the press that is not satisfied with the collective achievement of Namibia as the country with the freest press in Africa, and in the top 25 tier globally.

“In seeking to undermine the country‚Äôs performance and influence ratings, this divisive section of the press fabricates problems, invents incidences of harassment and gagging with the sole objective of a downgrade for Namibia in the press rankings.

“It is regrettable that sections of the press are increasingly intolerant of opposing views and healthy debate in a democracy. They are not defending the freedom of expression principle of ‘your rights end where mine begins,’ the statement issued Monday said.

According to the statement, the erosion of public trust in the media as per the findings of a recent Afrobarometer survey implies that there is a need for a critical reexamination of the role of the media in a democracy and the promotion of a healthy debate.

Furthermore, the statement says the commitment of President Geingob to the principles of Unity, Liberty and Justice remains total. In that vein, the President will continue with the mission of building a more united and more resilient Namibia



Wonder Guchu

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