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Police seize ‘Covid-19’ tea from Walvis Bay shop

Erongo police raided a Chinese shop at

Walvis Bay on Tuesday for selling a tea product he claimed can prevent Covid-19.

The Chinese, who runs a shop in Kuisebmond, was selling the tea for N$400.

Erongo governor Neville Andre and Walvis Bay constituency councillor Knowledge Ipinge also accompanied the police during the raid.

Although the Chinese shop owner denied selling the tea to Namibians, he admitted that some Chinese were using it to boost their immune system against Covid-19.

Police seized 15 2020-nCov tea bags from shop 4 Corris Street in Kuisebmond with a further seven tea bags found at a house in Theo ben Gutrirab Street. Four more bags were at Jack Trading, New Industrial area.

According to the police, the tea will be sent to the police forensic science institute to determine whether it contains any illegal/ prohibited/ harmful substance.

“The investigation will also establish whether the tea was imported into Namibia through the right procedures,” the police said.





Wonder Guchu

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One thought on “Police seize ‘Covid-19’ tea from Walvis Bay shop

  1. Good move by the Erongo Police. I personally thing rushing to premature conclusions will not do us allot of good as a country. This so-called tea must be thoroughly interrogated scientifically to see If it really has any benefits. In the same vein the Namibian scientific community should be be provided with incentives to exhaust all other indigenous ways in fighting this pandemic. Just imagine the benefits if some plant indigenous only to Namibia was to be the best effective combatant to this pandemic.

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