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PDM to engage lawyers over High Court ruling

The official opposition leader Mchenry Venaani said the party will consult on the way forward regarding the High Court ruling that declared null and void the list used for the current parliamentarians.

Venaani said this Monday in Windhoek following the decision by three judges – Thomas Masuku, deputy judge president Hosea Angula and Shafimana Ueitele.

The three judges said the list the PDM used for their parliamentarians was neither constitutional nor lawful.

“We have not read the full judgment, but we have read the order and we will engage our lawyers,” the opposition leader said.

The ruling was made in a case where Charmaine Tjirare was argued that the PDM’s list had people who did not resign from their civil service jobs as per the Electoral Commission Act of 2014.

According to Venaani, the ruling gives no credence to the rule of law and has several flaws. He said there are some people on the disputed list who chose not to go to parliament.

The court, Venaani added, cannot order the party what to do

“We will appeal this judgment. It does not give credence to the rule of law and it has several flaws. This case has consequences. Some of the people on that list themselves opted to not go to parliament. It is not the court’s job to dictate what the party should do.

Venaani, however, said the ruling has political overtones and that he would not want the PDM to be dominated by one tribe or family.



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