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PDM NEC discusses region, local election nomination procedure

The PDM national executive committee has a four-day meeting in Windhoek to discuss and craft a nomination procedure for the local and regional councils elections set for November this year.

Addressing the delegates Monday, PDM leader Mchenry Venaani said the nomination procedure should be done with the realisation that a future cannot come by itself but that it must be tended to with brains and hands.

“We must robustly and candidly engage on a workable formula that will be people-centred,” Venaani said.

He also said that the NEC members need to raise a national movement from the ground mobilizing with all they have at their disposal and marshalling the courage and stamina to prepare for the battlefield.

“The survival of any movement is hinged on its ability to mobilize the grassroots and create a consistent interface between the centre and the populace. Information sharing and broader consultation are key ingredients in strengthening a mass base movement.

“As we venture into this arena we must raise the political transaction to include all our citizens and ratepayers to feel accommodated in our execution process of arriving at candidates.

“Paramount in the democratic process of nomination, elections and vetting the system creates both wanted and unwanted consequences that leads into winners and losers; I urge high discipline and high moral and unity to protect the Movement moral high ground and to maintain cohesion,” he added.


Wonder Guchu

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