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Otjozondjupa builds 233 toilets for N$3m

The office of the Otjozondjupa Governor paid over N$3 million for the construction of 233 toilets in 6 different constituencies.
During his state of the region address, Governor James Uerikua said they constructed 233 toilets in the various settlements of the region at an amount of N$3,157,332.79
This means each toilet costs about N$13 551.
In the Tsumkwe Constituency, 33 toilets were constructed, in the Grootfontein Constituency, 35 toilets were constructed while 14 toilets were constructed in the Otavi Constituency.
Furthermore, 30 toilets were constructed in the Okahandja Constituency, 55 in the Omatako Constituency as well as 40 In the Okakarara Constituency.
Uerikua said the toilets were constructed to improve sanitation in the rural areas of our region.
The Governor also said that his office saw through the upgrading of the sewerage system at Kalkfeld Settlement during the 2018/19 Financial Year.
However, did not manage to complete the construction of sanitation facilities.
The project was valued at N$11.3 million.
The Governor’s office completed another sewerage system project which costs N$8, 558, 938.24
The project included a network, pump station and an oxidation pond as well as 132 toilets which were connected to water and sewerage system.

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