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Mutorwa says NCAA ignored his directive on governance issues

Works minister John Mutorwa said the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority board and management have clearly ignored and not taken seriously directives and advice and instructions he had given them with regards to governance issues and concerns at the institution.
“Two months, since 28 May 2020 and my subsequent very clear and lucid written advice, directives and or instructions to the board and by extension, through the board, to the NCAA management, my honest, but also unpleasant observation and conclusions are that my advice, directives and or instructions were/are at best not taken seriously and at worst clearly ignored by the NCAA board, for reasons that are hitherto, not yet known to me,” the minister wrote.
The minister said this in a letter dated 20 July 2020 and addressed to the board chairperson Kosmos Egumbo and all board of directors.
Mutorwa in the letter reminded the board that they had discussed the issues raised by Natalia in her 16-page grievances letter at their meeting held on 28 May 2020.
The meeting, according to the minister, was between the ministry’s management team, the NCAA board and the NCAA management.
“Many if not all of the issues raised in Ms Ndapandula Isak’s 16-page letter were actually the agenda or points of discussion,” the minister wrote.
The issues referred to are the alleged extension of the interim executive director’s contract, which legally expired in May 2020.
Another issue is the appointment of the NCAA’s substantive executive director, as advised by the board, in December 2019, as well as the NCAA Board Chairperson’s 13 March 2020 letter of assurance to Mutorwa.
A third issue is the appointment of foreign nationals allegedly without legal work permits.
These individuals according to the minister are also said to be doing work outside the country, for NCAA
The minister also listed another issue including salary gradings, appointments, appointments and remunerations.
The minister directed the Namibia Civil Aviation Authority to study the complaints by a suspended employee, Natalia Isak objectively and without emotions and report back to him.

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