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50 000 initially rejected applicants paid out N$750 each

Finance ministry communications officer Tonateni Shidudu has said that more than 50 000 applicants that had been denied access to the emergency income grant will be paid out.
Dozens of applicants whose applications had been rejected because they appeared in the system as taxpayers flocked at the Social Security Commission demanding to be delisted as tax-payers saying that had since lost their jobs.
From the 970 720 applications, 124 623 applications were rejected on the basis of appearing on the tax register and the ministry did a validation of these applications as some had active tax numbers.
“But because they had active tax numbers they were rejected so we did a data reconciliation, running the data from the tax office against that of the Social Security Commission (SSC) and we were able to free up over 50 00 names that were approved and were paid last week.
“20 000 applications were again rejected on the condition that they appeared on the SSC register as actively employed. We had to do a second validation process because a lot of people were up in arms and we had to address their concerns. They flocked to the ministry and SSC to clear their names.
We did a second validation and we did that on Friday and this was concluded. From the 70 000 rejected for the second time, we were able to free up over 50 000 that are expected to be paid this week,” he said.
Shidudu added, “We appeal to these to bear with us we will inform them via text messages. So we are saying we will send out notifications to inform them this week on the status of their applications.”
The application process started on the 12th of April this year and so far a total of 970 720 applications have been received.
Of these, 696 669 applicants have so far been approved for payment which translates to N$522 501 750 that has been paid out to those who qualified, Shidudu told Eagle FM.
“So we are proud that so far the grant has benefited so many Namibians. We are more than half a million Namibians that have benefited from this grant which is aimed to support people form the informal sector and have lost income due to the Covid-19 lockdown,” he said.

Wonder Guchu

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