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LPM’s Mootu says will not be silenced in the National Assembly

Landless People’s Movement member of parliament (MP) Utaara Mootu said she will not be silenced by insults in the National Assembly. 

This comes after another MP told Mootu to “shut up” as a commotion broke out in the National Assembly two days ago during the national reconciliation debate. 

Popular Democratic Movement MP Inna Hengari asked the MP why they would utter those words but no response was given. 

Mootu brought the incident under the attention of the Speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi who, she said, brushed it off. 

Mootu said this is how young people are shut down during debates and she will not have it. 

She further added that she was elected by the people to represent them in the National Assembly therefore she will not be silenced. 

Mootu said there seems to be a deliberate attempt by Katjavivi to ignore certain incidents.  

LPM has, through their lawyer, written to Katjavivi telling him to “stop being impartial, inconsistently applying parliamentary rules in general, suppressing debates” among others.

The party’s lawyer has also said that the “speaker has on numerous occasions claimed something must be done against our client, which is a clear threat towards our client”. 

Katjavivi’s office sent the letter to the National Assembly’s legal department for interpretation and he will only pronounce himself on this matter after he receives a response from that department.  

During a press conference earlier, LMP MP Bernadus Swartbooi echoed Mootu’s words saying Katjavivi is impartial to the house. 

Swartbooi accused the Speaker of the National Assembly Prof  Katjavivi of acting like he chairs a SWAPO meeting instead of the National Assembly. 


Wonder Guchu

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