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Killer lions taken back to Etosha – environment ministry

The environment ministry has confirmed that some lions that escaped from Etosha National Park Saturday night attacked a donkey and a cow in the area between Casablanca and Oshivelo.
The confirmation comes after a video of two lions attacking a donkey went viral on social networks.
In a statement on Sunday, the ministry’s spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said they also established that it was a pride of six lions that has since been taken back into the park.
Muyunda appealed to farmers and communities to assist in managing the human-wildlife conflicts by keeping their livestock in kraals at night.
“This will assist us to avoid such unfortunate incidences where people lose their valuable livestock,” Muyunda said.
He added that the ministry regrets such attacks because the park’s fence is in a bad state and may be a contributing factor.
According to Muyunda, similar incidents were also reported in the Kunene region last week where lions attacked and killed livestock.
Muyunda said the first incident took place on 21 January 2020 on Arizona Farm south of Hobatere where two cattle were killed. In retaliation, the farmers killed the two lions that were feasting on a cattle carcass.
He further said the second incident took place in Anabeb Conservancy, Khowarib area on 22 January 2020 where 17 goats were killed.
“We established that three lions were involved,” Muyunda said.
According to Muyunda, the third incident took place on 23 January 2020 were five lions killed eight goats at the Khowarib post.
Some of these attacks were carried out in broad daylight, Muyunda explained.
“In all the cases, we are investigating the possibility of possible assistance to those who suffered losses through our Self Reliance Scheme,” Muyunda said.

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