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Katjavivi’s warning has no effect in law – Swartbooi

Leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), Bernardus Swartbooi said the verbal warning issued by Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi has no effect in law.
The speaker warned Swartbooi and his right-hand-man, Henny Seibeb this week accusing the duo of disruptive behaviour.
According to them, Katjavivi has ruled against them without considering the “insults” hurled at the opposition by members of the ruling party as well.
“When I was in Swapo then, he would be targeting people like Vipua (Muharukua) every time. And the opposition would complain and would be saying no but you are not being fair to the colleagues here. They are making a point.
It has now come, full-blown, that we are going to challenge Katjavivi tit for tat, rule by rule, statement by statement, ruling by the ruling, because even to adjourn the house he always has to look at Swapo to affirm what he needs to do next, every time,” he said.
Swartbooi told journalists at his LPM base that in court parlance, the warning was a mistrial that had no effect on them.
However, the relentless politician has vowed that they will intensify what he called “strategic insults” in parliament.
Pressed on what these “strategic insults” entailed, Swartbooi said these were meant to “demonstrate a narrative that the ability to lead society no longer rests with Swapo”.
The strategy is also to create a buffer of defence and reinforcement to dissuade opposition members from being insulted, Swartbooi added.
“It’s also to demonstrate that numbers don’t determine ability to transform society. We have shown that with four people you make a significant impact,” he said.

Julia Heita

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