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Indongo Toyota hit by sexual harassment accusations

Indongo Toyota has been hit by accusations of sexual harassment as its Windhoek office workers took to the streets protesting this and other issues.
Workers have claimed that a white employee accused of sexually harassing a black woman has not been investigated and brought to book.
They claim that, in contrast, the company was quick to take action against a black employee who faced similar accusations at the company’s Ongwediva office.
“Our efforts are being taken for granted. We are informed this complaint has not received satisfactory attention by management. The perpetrator is receiving preferential treatment
As we speak the former white dealer principal was not subjected to the same disciplinary action the back-dealer principal was subjected. Regardless our race we are convinced these cases are of the same nature and should be treated equally. Is this a sign that our white colleagues are more favoured than black workers who make up the majority? We demand the suspension with immediate effect of the white employee. How on earth did they come to that conclusion,” said Peggy Hochobes, a shop-steward.
In another allegation, a black male employee was charged of stealing a vehicle canopy that had been stolen by a white female employee and management did not act on this matter.
Hochobes said, “We strongly feel all employees should be treated equally. We demand that management charge this white employee for stealing this canopy.”
Workers at Indongo told Eagle FM that about 13 of them have been lined up for retrenchment but the frustration with them is that none, in that number is a white employee.

Julia Heita

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