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Icelandics are crooks – NUNW’s Munenguni

The National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) vice president, Phillip Munenguni, has breathed fire against Samherji after the latter said they will be closing their fishing company, Saga Seafood soon, living 210 fishermen in the cold.

One of the fishing vessels has also left with Namibian fishermen to fish in the waters of Mauritania and NUNW said they do not have an idea of their working conditions and whether they have secured contracts.

“We are also trying to locate these employees in order for us to talk to them. These employees might even be retrenched right away from where they are. We are dealing with crooks here. We are dealing with crooks. The Icelandics are crooks and we don’t believe in anything that they are telling the people anymore. We are sceptical on whether our people have security where they are,” he said.

Wonder Guchu

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