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Govt to review cuca shops leasehold policy in communal areas

The government is envisaging policy and legal review into the current framework governing the allocation of leasehold for liquor, bottle stores and cuca shops in communal areas.

Agriculture minister Calle Schlettwein said the policy review has been necessitated by the proliferation of such applications over the years that are covered under “leaseholds for any purpose other than agricultural purposes outside a designated area” ahead of other economic land uses and business ventures.

Schlettwein said the ministry is reviewing the criteria for sizes of these plots, the uses, and the duration of the leaseholds to mention some aspects.

“We as a Ministry are looking forward to your input in this important matter. As I have indicated earlier agriculture is the most important and promising land use to bring about economic growth and wealth creation.

“Availing land for agricultural activity is the first step in this process. The second and following steps must be supported to farmers to enhance their means and ability of production,” the minister said.

He also said that the government will roll out a significant AfDB funded project through which farmers will receive assistance to mechanize crop production in the form of availing tractors and other relevant equipment such as ploughs, planters, irrigation systems.

“Farmers shall also receive improved inputs like seeds and fertilizers, improved ploughing and extension services for the crop, horticultural and livestock production,” he also said.

In addition, there will the rollout of the Flexible Land Tenure regime that allows citizens, especially in informal settlements, to acquire the title of properties in an affordable and staged manner.

“This will greatly assist in accelerating the provision of low-cost housing in a formalized manner enabling low-income groups and individuals to acquire a title for a property.

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