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Former Fishcor board member asks – why come after us?

Former Fishcor board member and governor of the Ohangwena region, Usko Nghaamwa, has said that he does not know why people are going after his team over Fishrot allegations when the company had an auditor.
Nghaamwa, who said he was “honestly not a corrupt person”, also said he did not want to go deeper into what was going on at the company during the tenure of the board he was part of.
“I was a businessman. Any business has an auditor to look after the business. He is there to do what? Anybody who wants to investigate go through the books of the company. I do not want to go into that. I have a home. I am not staying in the bush. I do not know why these people are coming after us. If someone wants to ask me something like that he has to come to my home. I am also free to someone who wants to make an appointment,” he said.
Beginning of this year, some political parties called for the arrest of Nghaamwa et al for failing in their fiduciary duties to root out corruption and also being part of the scandal.
At the back of revelations by the ACC that some N$17.5 million was channelled out of Fishcor to the lawyer, Sisa Namandje’s trust account, and into the pockets of the ruling Swapo party, Nghaamwa said that the party was being targeted.
He refused to comment on how the party should handle this turn of events after many times of denial said that Swapo had a leader who should speak about this.
But he said that he will defend the party to his last breath.
“You know the party has a leader whom we elected so I can not say anything. As I know many of the people at the moment are targeting the party. I don’t like to say anything about the party. Those who do not know what Swapo is are attacking Swapo. They want to destroy Swapo,” he said adding that they are hungry for power.
Asked who these people were, Nghaamwa told Eagle FM that they are those “who joined Swapo yesterday”.
“I have never tried to change my mind. I was tortured with electrifying but I will not change my mind. I will support Swapo till I die. If somebody does wrong, the law is there for order,” he said.

Julia Heita

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