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Environment Investment Fund has new board

Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta announced the new board members of the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) this morning with two priority objectives. 

The new chairperson is Titus Ndove with Karen Knot as his deputy and the other members are  Desire Theunissen, Kisco Sinvula and Olavi Hamutumwa.

Shifeta said Ndove and Knot, who previously served as board members before, were selected because of their experience and knowledge.

Meanwhile, the three new members were selected because of their previous community-based experience.

The board that will serve for the next 3 years must focus on upgrading the EIF’s accreditation status with the Green Climate Fund, said Shifeta. 

“The process of upgrading the EIF’s accreditation status with the Green Climate Fund is of critical importance so that the EIF can access larger-scale projects,” Shifeta explained.

The minister further said EIF should find a permanent building to locate their offices too. 

“Find a sustainable solution to this issue, bearing in mind the fiscal constraints but also the likelihood that the EIF will grow further over the coming years,” Shifeta said. 

Reflecting on the tenure of the previous, Shifeta said EIF has been able to make a significant impact in supporting communities in terms of livelihood enhancement, drought mitigation, financing of sustainable business concepts, and ensuring environmental protection.

Shifeta said in the last three years, the previous board ensured that  44 natural resource-based enterprises were created in 23 communal conservancies and  120 boreholes were rehabilitated to the benefit of more than 60 000 people. 

The fund further created 950 employment opportunities mainly in the rural areas and installed  15 megawatts of solar produced electricity. 

The minister also said the EIF approved 71 grants for different environment-related projects. 

Despite the slow implementation, the fund expects 238 000 people to benefit from the current projects and programmes.

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