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Driver reports herself after fatal accident

A 33-year old woman has been arrested after she reported herself to the police today in connection with a weekend accident that resulted in the death of an unidentified male in his 60s.
The accident happened at 23h00 along the Florence Nightingale road, Khomasdal.
The body of the deceased was found next to the road with signs of being hit by a vehicle that probably drove away after the accident, a police report said.
The police said the deceased died on the spot.
Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi who had called for public assistance in tracking down the driver said an eye-witness followed the driver after the accident urging her to report herself to the police.
“She told her if she does not report to the police, she will report the accident to the police herself. The 33-year old female then reported herself to the police this afternoon and she was arrested,” said Shikwambi.

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