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 DHPS principal, students kneel in honour of George Floyd

The principal of DHPS, Kristin Eichholz and students bent their knees in the street outside their school precincts for a good eight minutes in honour of the slain African American, George Floyd.

This echoes a series of protests from the US and the rest of the world led by the Black Lives Matter which has seen both blacks and whites kneeling in the honor of Floyd.

This has been understood to be a protest against racism all over the world and police brutality and eight minutes is the time it took the now buried Floyd under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer as he struggled to breath.

He died minutes later, rocking the world with waves of protests.

But DHPS has been rocked by allegations of racism itself, so much that the then education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa called out on all private schools to protect students from racial attacks.

DHPS has a rich German culture and is multi-racial, but Eagle FM wanted to understand how the school was reconciling their students with the inglorious history of Germany in Namibia, one that is characterized by the first genocide of the 20th Century.

“I don’t know what you mean by racial storm. We have a group that is called the Action Group so we seat together with learners, teachers and parents and students and we address it whenever it (racism) comes out. It’s an ongoing challenge, racism. We have a special challenge as a Germany School with German being a former colonizer. Of course, there are a lot of sensitives that we live with but I am proud we have learners that are responsible,” she said.

She said that killing racism is going to be a long drawn out struggle while she also expressed against the dismantling of colonial statues in Namibia.

Yet the same protestors the school was in solidarity within the protest, have dismantled the statue of Leopold II in Belgium itself and chanted down at the statue of Cecil John Rhodes at Oxford.

Eichholz those that are calling for the removal of the statues were doing so out of anger, adding that these were good for the preservation of history.


Julia Heita

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