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‘De Klerk’s signatures on Fishrot documents differ’

The signatures on the documents which lawyer Maren de Klerk is said to have signed carry different signatures, defence lawyer Richard Metcalfe told the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court Friday.

This came during the cross-examination of the ACC investigator Carl Cloete in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court by former fisheries minister Bernard Esau’s lawyer Richard Metcalfe.

Esau and his son-in-law Tamson Hatuikulipi are seeking bail and both have offered assets worth tens of thousands of dollars.

De Klerk, who co-partner of De Klerk, Horn and Coetzee Inc, is in a psychiatric home in South Africa after he skipped the country in February this year.

The lawyer is being accused of receiving about N$76m from Fishcor which he disbursed to several people among them politicians and the Swapo Party.

Metcalfe, however, asked Cloete whether he knew that the signatures on the documents ostensibly signed by De Klerk were not the same.

Metcalfe also charged that it appears as if the ACC was indemnifying De Klerk, but Cloete said they will bring the lawyer when the time is right.

“Is Sisa a special category lawyer? Money which you regard as illegal went into his account.

“Mr Namandje is in the country and no warrant of arrest. Is he a state witness? Metcalfe asked.

The lawyer also asked if De Klerk was a state witness or one of the suspects.

Cloete said the ACC will make indications to De Klerk’s position.

Wonder Guchu

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  1. What was the response of the ACC when asked about Mr. Namandje’s ability to walk free inspite the implication of his firm’s trust account being used for processing fishrot funds?

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