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Covid-19 positive mother in isolation carries dead baby for 2 weeks

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A Walvis Bay woman, who tested positive for COVID-19, carried a dead baby for two weeks while in an isolation facility.

The woman has been in isolation for 5 weeks.

“I am not feeling well about how they are treating me in this centre,” she said. She was 7 months pregnant when she miscarried. 

The woman told Eagle FM this morning that when she first “felt something was wrong” and asked for medical attention from the nurses she was told it is normal and not to worry. 

“I had informed the nurse the first day I realized I had a problem with my baby’s movement and she told me it is normal and maybe the baby is sleeping and they did not take action,” the saddened woman said.

The nurses also told her that they do not have the equipment to assist her.

She pleaded with the nurses to go see a private doctor but the medical staff prohibited her from leaving the facility. The woman said she continued to plead with the nurses and doctors to assist her however she went unheard.

“Two weeks went by without them helping me …and at the last minute they started to show action, but it was apparently too late, I just carried my baby in the tummy while it was dead.

“Last week is when they provide their machines like a sonar (machine) to check on the baby and by that time the baby is already dead,” the frustrated woman said. 

She added that her parents continuously came to the facility and “bothered” the nurses to help their child. The woman has not received any counselling while in isolation. Two others who are in self-isolation at their homes said they were told about their status over the phone. 

They also said they have not been counselled on how to deal with covid-19. One of the two was tested on 02 July 2020 and self – quarantined until he received his results on 14 July 2020.

“When they called they gave me my results and told me the isolation facility is full,” the man said. 

He further said the official from the health ministry official offered no counselling. 

“I am a contact of a housemate who tested positive when they called me they did not ask for any of my contacts,” he said, He added that the health officials have not yet made any further contact after that with him. 

“I do not know for how long I will be in self-isolation but I hope they will call this week or next week maybe,” the frustrated man said. 

The second woman also said after she waited 12 days for COVID-19 results, the health official who called her did not offer any sort of counselling or further information on what will happen next. 

“They just answered the call and I don’t even recall the doctor’s name. They confirmed my name and informed me of my results. They asked if I am pregnant, married and whether I have children. She then told me the isolation facility is full and that is all,” she said.

Meanwhile, deputy health minister Dr Ester Utjiua Muinjangue said it is very important that those who test positive for COVID-19 to get counselling. 

Julia Heita

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