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Covid-19 patients being told to go home in WB – Ipinge

Walvis Bay’s chairperson of the disaster risk management committee, Knowledge Ipinge, has told Eagle FM that people testing positive for Covid-19 in Walvis Bay are being told to go home.
“Everyone who is being tested positive in Walvis Bay currently will be sent back home. Imagine how you are risking the lives of those family members who are at home. I think by Tuesday or Wednesday we will be sitting with a (crisis) because as we speak, we have only seven beds available in our isolation facility. Meaning if we have 10 cases tomorrow, three people who test positive will be sent home. This is how dangerous it is currently,” he said.
Ipinge also said health minister, Dr Kalumbi Shangula has not as yet set foot in Walvis Bay ever since the pandemic hit the coastal town’s shores.
He said last week the deputy executive director of the health ministry has expressed ignorance of a document his office submitted with proposals on how to handle a potential crisis.
A proposal to build a 150-bed Covid-19 hospital was also shot down, Ipinge said.
“To us in the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency, the game plan doesn’t change.  Dr Kalumbi Shangula should be honest with himself. We have warned him that this was going to happen in Walvis Bay. We have written to him. We have sent him emails. We have engaged him from our office. We have engaged the ministry of health at various levels.
We have done presentations. We have gone as far as creating statistics. I am talking about what we have predicted. What happens when one positive case in Walvis Bay is detected. What then happens when one person who works in a fishing factory tests positive. What happens to that one person who stays in a house where they have a minimum of five shack within that yard. So all these things we have been communicating with the ministry. The ministry has failed to take ownership and responsibility,” said Ipinge.

Julia Heita

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