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Covid-19 delayed Namcol assignment submission

Jan Nitschke

Namcol deputy director for curriculum and material Development Jan Nitschke said that their institution had issues with meeting deadlines for submission of assignments due to the pandemic.

Nitschke said besides radio and television, Namcol has an online platform for learners to learn from.

Nitschke said that Namcol had already developed radio programmes years ago and such programmes come in handy now during this pandemic.

There are notes that can be accessed on their website to be used during this time by all teachers and learners.

He said there are challenges to develop programmes and learning materials for pre-vocational subjects and some indigenous languages. He calls upon teachers who would like to assist in developing these materials to contact Namcol as soon as possible.

Education ministry deputy director for information technology Johan Van Wyk said that e-learning development during this pandemic is crucial.

Van Wyk also said the ministry is partnering with radio stations to offer education through the radio as a medium that reaches farthest to all communities.

He further said that other modalities include television programmes and printed materials that are specifically made to teach learners from their homes.

Vam Wyk admitted that previously e-learning infrastructure was developed at most schools for learners to utilize while at such schools now it is a challenge because the learners have to be at home. Not all of them have devices to connect to the systems, he said.


Wonder Guchu

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