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Bank of Namibia employee tests positive

The Bank of Namibia has said that it has learnt that a staff member has tested positive of Covid-19 at the bank’s Disaster Recovery Site.
Resultantly, BoN said the site will be closed off for disinfection purposes and partial disinfection will also be done at the Head Office.
“The Bank remains dedicated to protecting the well-being of its staff members, and the public is urged not to panic as all necessary measures have been put in place to adhere to health protocols established with regards to Covid-19
The public is further being informed that the bank is still operational and all service including its public tills remains open as the areas affected by the disinfection process are out of bounds to the public. Organizations that make use of the bank’s business continuity management facility are advised to temporarily stay away until is deemed safe,” said the Bank of Namibia.
Meanwhile, Nedbank has also announced that a member of their Windhoek staff also tested positive and the employee is said to be a member of the banks Homeloan Administration Department.
‘The ministry has so far received a total of 547 results from NIP and Pathcare laboratories over the past twenty-four hours.
Out of these, a total of 70 samples tested positive for COVID-19.
The health ministry said the gender distribution comprises of forty-four males and twenty-six females.
“The ages range from 3 to 66 years. Contact tracing has been initiated. Windhoek cases are increasing exponentially and are really a cause of concern. Of the 26 cases reported from Windhoek, the ages range from 6 to 64 years.
Thirteen are males and thirteen are females. Thirteen are contacts of confirmed cases while another thirteen have no known contact to confirmed cases. Among those who had contacts to confirmed cases, four presented with COVID-19 related symptoms.
All the thirteen cases from Windhoek with no known contact to confirmed cases, presented with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. These cases come from different locations in Windhoek such, namely Brakwater, Cimbebasia, Freedom Square, Goreagab, Grysblock, Hockland Park, Khomasdal, Klein Windhoek, Ombili, Wanaheda, Herero location, Suiderhof, Okapuka Namib Poultry and one is a resident of Rehoboth,” said the ministry.
Dr Kalumbi Shangula said of concern is the Herero location, where 10 people were reported from.
“We learnt that these people attended a church event on the 25th of July 2020. Other people who were diagnosed earlier last week also attended the same church event. This is what triggered the attendants to go get tested, however not all of them were tested by then. It is likely that more have been exposed. Therefore, we are cautioning people who have attended the same church event to call the hotline for guidance,” he said.

Julia Heita

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