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Abortion is murder – Pro-Life Namibia

Pastor Zelda van der Colff of Pro-Life Namibia, an organization that lobbies against abortion and its legalization thereof, submitted their petition before the secretary to the National Assembly, Lydia Kandetu, rejecting calls for the legalisation of abortion.
Pro-life Namibia has also floated its petition online which by yesterday had attracted as many as 15 000 signatures.
Reading the petition yesterday at parliament, Van der Colff said abortion was murder and suggested that while women were gunning to have more autonomy over their bodies, instead of aborting, society had a duty to deal with the factors leading to unwanted pregnancies.
“We admit we have a broken Namibian society and our moral values have decayed. In the end, we as the nation of Namibia have to deal with the results of gender-based violence, rape, sexual abuse, sex outside marriage, dumping of new babies in a generation of young people who like to hear the real identity.
Our young girls and ladies are being trapped in the arms of brutal young and old men, of whom some also grew up without a father figure. These men were never taught to show them how to first respect a woman as a person secondly the respect of her body.
We know we have a big percentage of single mother households, a great contribution of an unstabilised community of young people. This is because of the absenteeism of fathers in the households. Our young girls are boys are out there looking for someone to fill the gap and the need for love,” she said.
Meanwhile, van der Colff in her bid to prove that abortion was a murderous act, impressed upon the secretary to the NA that while still in its earliest development, a foetus is actually a human baby that can not just be terminated due to its being unwanted.

Wonder Guchu

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