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Suspended NSFAF CEO turns to High Court

By: Kelvin Chiringa

The suspended chief executive officer for the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund, Hilya Nghiwete has resolved to pull out her case from the labour court which she claims has no jurisdiction to handle it.

Through her lawyer, Sisa Namandje of Sisa Namandje & Co Inc, Nghiwete said in order to avoid preliminary contested issues and to avoid further delay she had resolved to withdraw her application.

In her status report loaded on e-justice, Nghiwete said she would make an application to the High Court on and not after the 12th of March.

She thus sought to be granted leave to withdraw and head to the High Court.

Nghiwete claims that over the past few years she has been subjected to unfair and continuous victimisation by the NSFAF board of directors on unfounded allegations.

She has also alleged that as far as she was concerned, the current and previous boards were at all times bent on having her contract unfairly terminated.

She also says that the nomination and identification of the current board’s members was done in terms of an Act which was yet to come into force.

“As soon as the current board started, it became clear that the board was determined to get rid of me and without hesitation victimized me,” she says in her founding papers.

Nghiwete took at a shot at the chairperson of the NSFAF board of directors whom she said went on national television and made disparaging allegations without giving her the opportunity to be heard.

She said, “It became clear that at some point” NSFAF and the chairperson would employ “whatever available to them to get rid of me”.

Nghiwete was on April the16th 2018 suspended from duty pending the institution of a disciplinary hearing.

“The investigation proceeded and no charges were preferred against me within the period stipulated in terms of clause 19.3.7 of the NSFAF disciplinary code which requires charges to be served within a period of 14 days of suspension,” she claimed.



Kelvin Chiringa

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