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Shanghala, James Hatuikulipi ready to hand themselves over – lawyer

Apollos Shimakeleni

The lawyers representing some of those implicated in the fishing scandal that involves N$150m said that his clients who are in Cape Town are coming back to Namibia on 26 Nov. and are ready to hand themselves over to the authorities.

Those accused in the scandal are former ministers Sacky Shanghala and Bernhard Esau, former Investec Asset Management managing director James Hatuikulipi and his cousin Tamson, who is also Esau’s son-in-law.

The other three are the suspended Investec manager Ricardo Gustavo, who was also arrested on Saturday, Fishcor chief executive officer Mike Nghipunya and Pius Mwatelulo.

Shanghala and  James Hatuikulipi have been in Cape Town ever since the scandal broke out about two weeks ago, while Esau is free after the High Court ruled on Sunday that the warrant of arrest issued against him was invalid.

Appolos Shimakeleni, who is representing Shanghala, Esau, Tamson and James Hatuikulipi and Pius Mwatelulo said wrote to the Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday asking if his clients had any warrants of arrest issued against them.

Shimakeleni also said that he wanted to know because Shanghala and James will be coming back to Namibia on Tuesday 26 Nov.

According to Shimakeleni,  it would appear that all his clients are implicated in the investigations that led to Esau’s

He also said that recent media reports have been to the effect that our clients are wanted and in particular to be arrested in respect of warrants of arrest that have been issued and that they are allegedly on the run.

The lawyer said that his clients have no reason to run away from any charges, given the positions they held, and the assets they have in Namibia.

“As indicated, Mr. Sacky Shanghala and Mr. James Hatuikulipi were already in Cape Town when the media reports started circulating. Our clients are not in hiding and they are willing to cooperate and hand themselves in, should there be any warrants for their arrest. In respect of Mr. Tamson Hatuikulipi and Mr. Pius Mwatelulo, we are instructed that no official from your office went to their residence.

“In light of the above, kindly confirm whether or not warrants of arrest have in fact been issued in respect of all the four aforementioned persons. Should you confirm that there are warrants out for them, we can make arrangements for them to hand themselves in at your offices. Mr. Shanghala and Mr. J. Hatuikulipu will arrive in Namibia on 26
November 2019,” he said.

Instead, Shimakeleni said, implored the ACC to consider issuing summons for them to appear at Court on whatever date is determined.

Wonder Guchu

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