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Self-confessed girlfriend killer jailed 32 years

Hendrik Uirab

A self-confessed murderer, Hendrik Uirab, jailed for 32 years in the High Court.

The judgement was handed down yesterday by High Court Justice Usiku.

Uirab pleaded guilty of murder on 5 August.

The convict had earlier admitted that he killed his girlfriend who has been identified as Katrina Maria Rooi (27) at Mariental.

The court has heard that during the night of 18 to 19 June 2017, saying that he was moved by anger which pushed him into committing the crime.

Prior to his sentencing, Uirab issued a plea explanation which was handed down to the judge in which he said he had found Rooi sitting on the lap of an ex-boyfriend of hers.

This happened at a drinking place at Mariental during the evening hours 18 June 2017.

He said that sight angered him, and he left the drinking place, but returned later and left again with Rooi.

The court has heard that Uirab took Rooi to a graveyard at Mariental, where an argument about the ex-boyfriend erupted which saw Rooi slapping him twice.

“I was consumed by anger and failed to control my anger because of the fact that she was sitting on the lap of her ex-boyfriend while I was caring [for] and maintaining her and her kids,”  said Uirab.


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