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Police probe ELCIN pastor over rape

Police are probing an ELCIN pastor, whose name cannot be provided at this time, over allegations that he raped a Grade 8 teenage girl at Eenghushe in Ohangwena.
According to a crime report provided by the police, the pastor raped the girl since she was 16.
Between January and August of this year, allegations are that the pastor lured his victim into his church house and had sexual intercourse with her whenever she was going or coming from school without her consent.
He is said to have bought her a mobile phone to allegedly buy her silence and also gave her contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, the police have informed Eagle FM.
The suspect is yet to be arrested as police have indicated that their investigations are underway.
Another 16-year-old school drop-out got raped in Ondangwa, in the Okwanyenge village, by a 23-year-old male who has since been arrested and has appeared in the Ondangwa Magistrate Court yesterday.
Meanwhile, the Namibian police have opened a case of rape after a 26-year old lady was raped in her room by a 27-year-old male.
Allegations are that while she was asleep, the suspect gained entrance into the room, and forced himself on her threatening her with death if she screamed.
The incident is said to have happened around 02:00 last week Friday and the rape was carried out for two hours, the police have said.
The victim alerted family members leading into the matter being reported to the police and the consequent arrest of the suspect.
In Luderitz as well, the police have reported the rape and beating of a 24-year-old woman and the suspect, who is known in the area is still at large.
A case of murder read with the provision of domestic violence has also been recorded by the Police after a 29-year old male suspect severely hacked her girlfriend and sister with a Panga causing their death.
Both their throats were slit open and the suspected committed suicide afterwards.
The deceased have been identified as Oshoati Nafuka (23) and Martha Nafuka (32).

Kelvin Chiringa

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