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Nudo to hold critical congress this Saturday

By: Kelvin Chiringa

It is now game on for the two factions gunning to take control of the Nudo party as a much anticipated second elective congress is set to take place this Saturday.

Okakarara based Vetaruhe Kandorozu will for the second time lock horns with Ester Muinjangue and possibly bring to an end a factional wrangle that has threatened party stability.

Nudo councilor at the City of Windhoek Josef Kauandenge confirmed the developments with this publication adding that the one day event is scheduled at Ramatex.

“The comrades are going to go ahead this Saturday. It’s only one day, we are just going for the elections that are there,” he said.

The congress will be held in the background of toxic politics which shrouded last year’s chaotic congress where law enforcement agents had to be called in to restore order.

The congress which failed to birth a new leadership slate sent Muinjangue et al wrestling with the other party in the high court as the Kandorozu camp termed it an illegitimate exercise.

However the party this year successfully brokered a deal to unite the factions to brace up for a last shot at securing a new leadership that will take over from the incumbent Asser Mbai and lead the party into an election slated for end of this year.

Both rival leaders have pledged that they will respect any outcome this congress will bring and that they will help each other in running party affairs.

Between the 18th and 20th of last month, internal meetings were held which resolved that Mbai continue as the legitimate party leader until the extra-ordinary congress, that there be an out of court settlement and that there be an abolishment of slate politics.

The suspension of Muinjangue and her team was also lifted while a group tagged as the Kainamutui was appointed the party’s think-tank.

Mbai said the Kainamutui name was derived from a farm in the Stenhausen constituency were 16 party members gathered to discuss possible ways on how to solve party differences.

  1. success of this congress will determine whether Nudo will sail through into elections as one unified party or not as well as land a comfortable position to better launch its campaigns nationwide.

Kelvin Chiringa

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