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Nawatiseb seeks police protection against Henties whites

The deputy information minister Engelbrecht Nawatiseb has sought police protection from harassment by white operators at Henties Bay.

Nawatiseb has accused the operators of racism and hatred towards him and his family over a property he bought and fenced it off.

The deputy minister told Eagle FM Friday afternoon that the whites seem not to be happy that he closed a restaurant and a bar after he bought a property that is just 30 metres from the beach.

He said that he bought the property about two years ago and this has not gone down well with some of the white communities who have resorted to harassment and insults.

“The whites regard Henties Bay as their own. They don’t want black to be part of the town,” Nawatiseb said.

He claimed that some whites took pictures of his official vehicle on Thursday when he was collecting fish. According to the deputy minister, those who took the pictures were saying he was abusing tax-payers’ money.

“I told them that I was paying for the vehicle every month and that it was part of my benefits and pecks as a minister,” Nawatiseb said.

On Christmas Day, he said, some whites went to his house where they harassed and insulted his wife and some visitors.

He also said that some of the whites would drive to his property, park their cars and have their headlights flashing at his bedroom.

Nawatiseb also said that he would close off the path the whites use to get to the beach because it passes through his private property.

Henties Bay police commander Jacqueline Sakala confirmed that Nawatiseb had lodged a complaint of harassment and racism against some whites at the coastal town.

Asked whether what happened to Nawatiseb was a common thing, Sakala said she could not say because she was new at the town.

Wonder Guchu

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