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Lawyer suspended for allegedly misappropriating funds


A lawyer has been temporarily suspended from executing his services by the High Court at the back of allegations that he misappropriated N$1,2m from a trust fund belonging to his client.

The case landed in court Wednesday before Justice Geier after the Law Society of Namibia filed an urgent court application against the accused, who has been identified as Mutimani Lutibezi.

He is said to be a legal practitioner who has previously practised on his own as the sole proprietor under the name and style of Lutibezi Attorneys in Rundu.

Lutibezi has come under fire after allegations surfaced that he diverted into his business account monies to the tune of N$1.2 million given to him by a client and meant to be deposited into a trust account.

The client has been identified as Alex Lirumbu.

After the matter was handed over to the Authorities, recommendations were made to the Council of the Law Society to the effect that he may have not acted professionally.

In a letter dated 22nd of November 2018 to the Law Society of Namibia, Lutibezi said the complaint was lodged by a third party who happened to be an ex-employee at his office.

Lutibezi told the Law Society that his testimony was unreliable, untrustworthy and misleading.

In defence, Lutibezi said Lirumbu lent him the N$1.2million which he wanted to make use of in his own private capacity for a construction project.

He said of the total amount, he only made use of N$400 000 and returned the rest.

Kelvin Chiringa

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