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Kunene governor to investigate unfair employment – Sheya

By: Rodney Pienaar

Governor of Kunene region Marius Sheya will commission a task force to investigate unfair employment as alleged by Khorixas youth.

This comes after a group of youth petitioned the town’s municipality to freeze vacancies in which ‘outsiders’ were employed, at the expense of youth at the town.

 “Yes, there is a need for us to investigate the matter at hand. We see it fit that we set up a task force in order to deal with the issue,” Sheya said.

He added that the results of the investigations will be shared with the youth upon completion, although he concurred with the youth that preference should be given to qualified unemployed youth who are Khorixas natives.

An unemployed youth at the town, Ricardo Howoseb said, “For the governor to take points and tell us to be patient is not something we really expected. We need to be employed, it is almost April and by the time they are done with their so called investigation it will be December and we will still not be having food on our tables.”

“Where were the struggle kids all these years for them to be given the first hand when it comes to employment? I have been here for almost all my life and have studied but still unable to secure a decent job especially government positons here in Khorixas. I challenge the governor and every person that thinks that we are wrong to have intervened to go to the regional office of the ministry of education. Most of the persons there are persons that have come from who knows where,” he fumed.

Pensioner, Alpheus Naibab said that since Independence only few inhabitants of the town secured decent employment at the town and this has led to the weakening of the town’s economic activities.

“How can our children just go and study to go work somewhere else, I am now 65 years old and my son and grandson are both at home and are fed by me. Although they failed grade 10 they managed to get some skills that can help them but the questions is where can they go? Where will they find employment? Once children are done schooling here they go study and don’t ever come back and I have seen that over the past years.”

“How do we even encourage children to go for further studies if they are not coming back to plough back into the community that has raised them through thick and thin? Now that they have stood up for themselves I am very happy I wish the president of the country could see what our children are going through then maybe we will start to see changes,” he stressed.

Rodney Pienaar

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