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Dr Itula demands documents from ECN

Dr Panduleni Itula


The lawyers representing the independent presidential candidate, Dr Panduleni Itula, in his bid to contest the results of the 2019 presidential elections have given the electoral commission until 12h00 on 5 Dec. to allow them access to the electronic voting machines.

Dr Itula, who came second after president Hage Geigob, has instructed AngulaCo Incorporated to ask the electoral commission to request for:

  • all forms 6 duly authenticated from all the polling stations
  • duly completed pre-voting forms with the details of the voter registration cards signed by each registered voter
  • duly authenticated printout of voting results of each polling station
  • access to all electronic voting machines motherboard and voters processing units, memory cards of all electronic voting machines duly authenticated by the serial number of each machine
  • access to all electronic voting machines’ motherboard and voters’ processing units, memory cards of all voting machines duly authenticated by the serial number of each machine
  • the names of all presiding and returning officers at all polling stations
  • Voting machines and collating machines specifications, including all records of upgrading, service and maintenance of both software and hardware
  • access all experts or personnel that conducted pre-insection or had access to the voting machines prior to the holding of the presidential elections
  • inspection reports of any other evidence constituting inspections of the electronic voting machines on polling before voting
  • inspection reports by the polling agent or returning officers of any nature whatsoever in connection with 2019 presidential elections

This is the third time that Dr Itula has approached the courts regarding the running of the elections. He has had his cases dismissed by the Electoral Tribunal and the Electoral Court.


Wonder Guchu

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