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ECN warns the public on spreading poll results of social media


Theo Mujoro

The Electoral Commission of Namibia chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro warned people from circulating fake election results.

In an interview with Eagle FM on Thursday, Mujoro said he had seen quite a number of lists that were not authentic although there are others that are genuine.

Mujoro’s comments came after results of the special poll in which the army, police, correctional services officers and those stationed at foreign missions abroad were made public.

According to the Electoral Act, polling officers are compelled to post the results at the station for everyone to see. Some people have been taking screenshots of the results and circulating around.

Although the law does not prohibit people from taking screenshots of the results, Mujoro said the electoral commission has no responsibility for what is circulated on social media.

Mujoro also said that all the results will be once the 27 November elections are done.

For now, he said, the results will be under key and lock at the ECN house in Windhoek.

According to Mujoro, those who have voted so far used paper ballots because the EVMs could not have been sent to Beijing, for example, where there few people.

Wonder Guchu

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